How to Get Your Social Worker License

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By Erik R. Johnson

A Social worker in America needs to have a license that permits him to work for the society and people. There are different requirements that have to be met by an individual to become eligible for a social worker license.

Social work is basically termed as organized work that is done to advance and enhance the social conditions of a community or a society. Basically, it is done to improve the condition of the illiterate, ill, poor or those who are incapable of taking care of themselves. The social workers have to be trained properly by a university or a community college through a diploma program.

The family and child school social workers deliver help and services to enhance the psychological and social functioning of children and their families and to improvise the academic functioning and health of children. They may help arrange adoptions, single parents and assist locate foster homes for the elderly people. These workers may also run support campaigns for aging parents, assist elderly people, and monitor and coordinate these services.

With the help of the employee assistance program, they may assist different people to cope with the pressure related to their job and personal relationship that may hamper the quality of their life and work. The social workers working in schools often provide a bridge between the family of the student and school, teachers, guardians, and other school officials that make sure that students reach their personal and academic potential.

In order to perform any kind of social work an individual needs a social working license. Apart from completing a diploma from a college or university, an individual will have to earn a license to practice as a social worker. The basic requirements for a social worker to earn the title of licensed master social worker are:

Have a great moral character
Must be 21 or more in age
Must pass and complete the examination required and
Complete the training and course work in the reporting and identification of child abuse
An individual has to file an application for the license and fill the different forms indicated with the requisite fees. It is the responsibility of a person to follow up with an experienced person to know the right procedure to become a licensed social worker.

The license requirements to become a clinical social worker are:

A good character
Minimum 21 years of age
A masters degree in social work with minimum 12 years of clinical course work
Minimum three years of supervised experience in diagnosis.
Fulfill examination requirements
Complete training and coursework for reporting and indemnification of child abuse.
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